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Prospective graduate students

We are located on the main campus of Simon Fraser University, on top of Burnaby mountain, overlooking the cosmopolitin city of Vancouver on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It is a great place to live and work.

Prospective undergraduate students

The circadian rhythms laboratory consists of office space and a microscopy room in the psychology department, a wetlab in the TASCII laboratories, and a suite of dedicated test rooms in the Animal Resource Center (ARC). The test lab is equipped for recording locomotor activity, feeding, temperature and sleep-wake rhythms in laboratory rodents, using wheels, motion sensors, video, telemetry and electrophysiology (EEG). Commercial data acquisition and analysis systems currently in use include Clocklab (url), Minimitter (url) and SleepSign (url). Fully equipped surgery and histology suites are located on site. The wetlab is equipped for sectioning and histochemical processing of brain tissue.

The Psychology Department houses a high-fidelity driving simulator and several cognitive neuroscience laboratories equipped for high-density EEG recording.

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Sorry! None of our studies are currently recruiting human participants at this moment.